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At CSW, we revolutionize the way you study by creating a virtual study room for online learners worldwide. Whether you’re preparing for exams, working on projects, or just need a productive space, CSW is your go-to platform for studying together. Our virtual study room concept allows you to connect with like-minded students from around the globe, making studying together an engaging and motivating experience.

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Time to get productive! Our app has everything you need, including pomodoro timer to manage your workload and have more efficient focus study sessions.

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Time to get productive! Our app has everything you need to manage your

workload and have more efficient study sessions.


Study With Me videos are a popular trend that utilizes YouTube or other streaming platforms as a study tool to help keep students motivated. These videos involve someone sharing themselves studying or working, often in real-time, resulting in Study With Me videos or live streams that are sometimes hours long. The benefits of study rooms are the sense of companionship provided by these videos is especially relevant as many workplaces and schools continue to be remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As public spaces remain closed or operate with limited capacity, many students have evolved their method of study and have turned to video-sharing platforms for motivation, as well as an environment which mimics, for example, a library or a study session with a friend at a coffee shop. Many of these videos utilize the Pomodoro Timer, encouraging viewers to follow the video creator in real-time during their intervals of productive work and breaks. 


Welcome to CSW – Your Study Room

CSW offers an innovative solution for students seeking a supportive and collaborative environment for their studies. With our virtual study room feature, users can create or join study sessions tailored to their specific subjects or topics. Whether you’re preparing for exams, working on group projects, or simply looking for a motivating space to boost your productivity, CSW provides the perfect platform for academic success.

Using CSW as your virtual study room is simple yet powerful. Once logged in, you can explore various study rooms organized by subject, topic, or even by specific courses. Joining a study room allows you to connect with fellow students in real-time through integrated video and chat functionalities. This means you can engage in discussions, ask questions, and collaborate with peers as if you were studying together in person.

Our study room feature also includes a handy study timer, helping you stay focused and manage your study sessions effectively. Set goals, track your progress, and make the most of your study time with this intuitive tool. Whether you prefer to study solo or thrive in group settings, CSW offers flexible options to accommodate your learning style and preferences.

Beyond providing a platform for individual and group study sessions, CSW fosters a supportive community of learners dedicated to academic excellence. Joining CSW means gaining access to a network of like-minded individuals who share resources, exchange ideas, and motivate each other to reach their goals. Together, we can transform the way we learn and succeed.

Experience the power of collaborative studying with CSW. Join our virtual study rooms today and unlock your full academic potential. Study together, succeed together – only at CSW


Live Stream

Your Study Stream

Engage in real-time study sessions with our live streaming feature. Share your study moments with others and create a sense of companionship. Our Study With Me live streams allow you to join or host study sessions, providing a structured and motivating environment.


Whether you're working on a group project, preparing for an exam, or simply need the silent company of fellow learners, live streaming keeps you accountable and inspired.

You can interact with other students via chat, exchange tips, and motivate each other to stay focused and productive.

Study Timer

Our customizable study timer is designed to help you stay focused and productive. You can adjust the timer to fit your unique study sessions, set specific intervals for work and breaks, and change the background to suit your mood. The study timer helps you manage your time effectively, ensuring you stay on task and make the most out of every study session.

With visual and audio cues, you’ll never miss a break or overrun a study period. The timer also allows you to track your progress over time, providing insights into your study habits and helping you optimize your productivity.

Boost your productivity with our task management tool. Create, organize, and complete tasks to keep track of your academic or work-related goals. With the ability to set deadlines, prioritize tasks, and track your progress, you’ll stay on top of your responsibilities and enjoy the satisfaction of ticking off completed tasks.

This feature helps you stay organized and focused, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. You can break down larger projects into manageable tasks, set reminders, and monitor your progress, making it easier to achieve your goals.

Stream Online

Watch Youtube Together

Enhance your study breaks with our synchronized YouTube-watching feature. Watch educational videos, listen to music, or catch up on the latest content with friends. Our sync feature ensures everyone is on the same page, creating a shared viewing experience that makes study breaks more enjoyable.  Whether it's a motivational video, a quick tutorial, or a relaxing music playlist, you can watch and learn together. This feature not only makes breaks more fun but also helps you stay connected with your study buddies.

Listen To Music

Boost your concentration with our integrated music player. Listen to your favorite tunes while you work, with the timer running to keep you on track. Create the perfect study ambiance with playlists designed to enhance your focus and productivity. From classical music to lo-fi beats, our music player helps you find the right soundtrack for your study sessions. You can also create and share playlists with others, discover new music, and enhance your overall study experience.

Lofi Music Playlist

Immerse yourself in a calming study environment with our lo-fi music option. Designed with a dark mode theme, our lo-fi music creates a relaxed atmosphere that helps you concentrate and stay calm during intense study sessions. The soothing beats of lo-fi music can improve your focus and reduce stress, making it the ideal background for productive work. You can customize the dark mode theme to suit your preferences, creating a personalized and comfortable study environment.