10 Best Study With Me YouTube Channels

Studying with a virtual companion can be highly motivating and help you stay focused. 

Here’s a list of the top 10 YouTube channels where you can join study sessions and get inspired. Each channel offers unique features to enhance your study experience.

1. Study to Success

Study to Success offers vibrant and colorful study sessions with uplifting background music. The channel is known for its visually appealing setup, complete with pastel-colored stationery and organized workspaces. 

The content includes a variety of study tips, vlogs, and productivity hacks, making it perfect for those who thrive in a visually stimulating environment. Each video is designed to keep you motivated and focused, with techniques like the Pomodoro method to help structure your study time effectively.

2. Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is renowned for his practical strategies on time management and self-discipline. His channel is packed with tips to revolutionize your study habits, alongside content on fitness, finances, and mental health. Thomas’s engaging storytelling helps students maximize their study time effectively. 

His videos cover a range of topics from creating effective study schedules to optimizing your workspace for better productivity. With over a million subscribers, Thomas Frank’s channel is a go-to resource for students looking to enhance their study techniques.

3. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal shares insights from his experience as a former doctor and productivity expert. His videos cover study techniques, book recommendations, and personal development tips. Ali’s content is designed to help you achieve academic success while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. 

He often discusses the science behind effective studying and productivity, providing viewers with actionable advice. Ali’s channel also features vlogs and Q&A sessions where he answers questions from his audience, making his content highly interactive and informative.

4. Merve

Merve’s channel is ideal for those looking for long, uninterrupted study sessions. With no background music and a focus on maintaining high productivity, Merve’s streams range from 3 to 12 hours. The community in the chat often sets and shares their study goals, creating a motivating atmosphere. 

Merve’s approach is straightforward and focused, making her channel perfect for viewers who prefer a quiet and distraction-free study environment. Her regular streaming schedule also helps students establish a consistent study routine.

5. Yoora Jung

Yoora Jung offers a blend of study tips, lifestyle content, and vlogs about her passion for K-pop. Her campus life videos provide an inside look at her daily routine, making her channel relatable and engaging for students looking to balance studies with other interests. 

Yoora’s channel features a variety of content, from detailed study sessions to casual day-in-the-life vlogs, providing a well-rounded perspective on student life. Her approachable style and genuine personality make her videos enjoyable and inspiring.

6. Vee Kativhu

Vee Kativhu, a young leader at the United Nations, shares study techniques, essay writing tips, and motivational content. Her channel is a treasure trove of resources for students aiming to excel academically and make a positive impact in the world. 

Vee’s videos often include personal anecdotes and advice on overcoming challenges, making her content both relatable and empowering. She also addresses issues like mental health and self-care, providing a holistic approach to academic success.

7. Holly Gabrielle

Holly Gabrielle, a Cambridge graduate, provides calming and insightful study sessions. Her videos cover a wide range of topics, from study tips to travel adventures, making her channel a soothing and motivational resource for students navigating higher education. 

Holly’s gentle and encouraging approach helps viewers stay focused and motivated, while her detailed study guides and tips offer practical advice for academic success. Her content also includes lifestyle vlogs, giving viewers a glimpse into her life outside of studying.

8. StudyMD

StudyMD offers a cozy study atmosphere with lofi and guitar jazz background music. His ergonomic setup and clean workspace are ideal for viewers seeking an organized and productive study environment. 

The channel also features vlogs about medical school and learning science, providing valuable insights for students pursuing careers in healthcare. StudyMD’s detailed and well-structured videos help viewers develop effective study habits and stay motivated throughout their academic journey.

9. Lofi Girl

Lofi Girl is a staple for anyone looking for background music while studying. With a vast library of lofi beats and a significant community tuning in to live streams, this channel offers a sense of collectiveness and calm. 

The music is perfect for maintaining focus and productivity during study sessions. Lofi Girl’s live streams run 24/7, providing a constant source of relaxing music that can help you stay focused and reduce stress while studying.

10. Dia

Dia’s study-with-me videos create an immersive study environment that allows viewers to learn productively alongside her. As a medical student in Korea, she offers valuable insights and motivation to fellow students. Her videos are often subtitled in multiple languages, making them accessible to a wider audience. 

Dia’s channel features a variety of study sessions, from short bursts to long, detailed streams, catering to different study preferences. Her calm and focused demeanor provides a supportive virtual study companion for students around the world.

These YouTube channels provide diverse and engaging content to help you stay motivated and focused while studying. Whether you prefer silent study sessions, upbeat music, or visually appealing workspaces, there’s a channel here to suit your needs.

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