ESTP Study Tips

ESTP Study Tips

These study tips are tailored to the ESTP’s dynamic and adaptable learning style. From active study sessions to practical application, they encourage a hands-on approach to learning and adaptability in various study environments.

Study Tips for ESTP (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)

1. Active Study Sessions 

  • ESTPs can utilize CSW Live to engage in active study sessions within group study rooms, incorporating movement and physical activities while studying.

2. Practical Application

  • Seek out apps and platforms that offer simulations, virtual labs, or real-world case studies relevant to your studies for practical application.

3. Group Study Sessions 

  • The platform offers features for group study sessions, allowing ESTPs to participate in collaborative discussions and enhance their understanding.

4. Use Mnemonics

  • Explore mnemonic apps like Anki or Memrise to create memory aids and flashcards for effective retention of information.

5. Set Short-Term Goals 

  • Utilize goal-setting apps like HabitBull or Strides to break study sessions into short-term goals and rewards, maintaining motivation.

6. Diverse Study Environments 

  • ESTPs can take advantage of CSW Live’s customizable study atmospheres to change their study environment frequently and keep things interesting.

7. Problem-Solving Challenges 

  • Engage in problem-solving challenges and puzzles through dedicated puzzle apps or websites to stimulate your problem-solving skills.

8. Active Recall 

  • Practice active recall by using note-taking apps like Notion or Evernote to create teaching materials and explanations for better retention.

9. Stay Socially Connected 

  • CSW Live facilitates social interaction with friends and peers through direct messaging, providing a valuable break and stimulating thinking.

10. Adaptability

  • ESTPs can leverage CSW Live’s adaptability to adjust their study approach and environment based on their flexible nature.



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